Mimic the Greatest Bathrooms

Have you ever been staying in a hotel while on holiday and wished that your bathroom at home was like theirs? With the gorgeous showers and shower heads, not to mention the decorative towel racks and handles. Well, in reality you can mimic one of the Best Bathrooms you have ever seen with just a little bit of creativity. You may not be able to replicate the bathrooms you’ve seen exactly but if you take notes you might get surprisingly close. All it takes is some shopping, some planning and of course a little bit of capital.

If your bathroom is in serious need of an update then this is all the more reason to go for your dream of having a lovely bathroom, such as the one you had in your suite last holiday. Try and remember exactly what the bathroom looked like and what you loved most about it. Did it have heated towel racks, water efficient toilets, and antique looking faucets? What colour was it? Picture all of these things in your head first, write them down on paper and begin your hunt for the type of bathroom accessories you want.

It is possible to have a bathroom that looks like it just came out of a recent copy of your favourite home décor magazine without spending thousands of pounds in the process. Most bathroom things can be found on clearance or even sometimes on sale, depending what it is you are looking for. Do some homework, ask some of your friends where they got their bathroom appliances and keep your eyes peeled for the most realistic prices based on your budget. Doing all of these things will help you to realise your dream bathroom and at a price you can easily handle.

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